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Olma S.r.l. was founded thanks to the experience and the union of the ideas of the two founding partners Claudio and Maria Giustetti; initially conceived as a purely commercial activity, in a short time the two partners realized that in order to reach their goal and become an active support in all the procedural stages for their customers, they had to make the company productive, and that is what they did. Olma, which has been operating in the metalworking sector since 1973, specialises in the construction of mechanical parts for chip removal on behalf of third parties, both turned and milled. It performs processing operations both in a complete supply and in subcontracting to drawings or samples. It can provide mass processing operations with medium and large batches (from 200 to 50,000 pcs), or samples with unitary batches (from 10 to 200 pcs). The parts, where requested, are delivered to the customer including surface finishes of the shape such as flat grinding, lapping, electroerosion; galvanic, such as galvanizing, cataphoresis, burnishing, anodizing (natural and coloured), nickel plating, chromium plating; thermal such as cementation, hardening, induction hardening, carbonitriding, tempering. Today Olma is able to offer a complete supply and subcontracting solutions, guaranteeing through planning developed in synergy with its customers, the warehouse necessary to avoid low stocks. The artisan tradition, combined with passion, quality, experience, problem-solving, just in time, represents the basis of the work that we do every day in full awareness in order to reach our true goal: the satisfaction of the end customer. Relying on a wide availability of raw material, strong flexibility and high specialization of our staff, we can meet the needs of customers in a very short time. The end customers are the real assets of our company, so we never stop thinking about new solutions that can continuously improve the services offered. For this reason, our company carefully provides a service that reflects the quality management reference standards through the UNI EN ISO 9001:  2015. certification.

Sede operativa:
Olma S.r.l.
Via Brandizzo, 500
10088 Volpiano (TO)
Sede legale:
Olma S.r.l.
Via Duchessa Jolanda, 10
10138 Torino (TO)
Tel.   011-9884093
Fax.  011-9881052
P.I. 07675330018

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