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Servizi di Tornitura
Placing of a park of last generation equipment and highly qualified personnel through continuous courses of update, our turning department is able to perform turning operations on any type of material; brass, bronze, copper, AISI 303, 304, 316, 420, AVP, PR80, fe, alloy steel for high strength heat treatment, aluminum anticorodal, 11s, CNC, plastic materials from nylon and Teflon, the tough canvas type Bakelite. We can perform machining from bar starting from diameter 3 to diameter 80; the locations of machining can also reach higher than the machining diameter 400.

Produzioni di Tornitura
Servizi di Fresatura
Thanks to the numerical control with the 4th axis machining centers we are able to perform a wide range of machining operations on a floor with maximum dimensions of 570x410x460 mm allowing absolute precision of mechanical milling. We can perform both operations starting from raw material plates, both of mergers provided under processing to customer specification on any type of material, ferrous, plastic, stainless steel, copper alloys and aluminum.
Produzioni di Fresatura
Servizi Cad Cam
The CAD / CAM acronyms (Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing) refer to the processing software used for designing products and for those of production.
CAD is the use of computer technology for the design and project documentation. The CAD / CAM applications are used both to design a product to schedule production processes, in particular those relating to the CNC machining. The CAM software uses the models and assemblies created in CAD software to generate tool paths that allow machinery to turn the projects into physical parts. The CAD / CAM software is often used for the machining of prototypes and finished parts. All of our machines, whether it be of particular turning or milling, they are interfaced by means of a latest-generation servers to cadcam configuration station.
The drawings to be produced are entered in the processor and is chosen the most suitable equipment for its realization.

Serivizi di Assemblaggio Parti
Olma Srl has a well equipped and qualified personnel department with a high level of experience in the assembly of mechanical components, carefully following the technical specifications and construction drawings supplied by customers.
The goal is always to provide a high quality service, with seriousness and professionalism, finding technical solutions best suited to each individual project, the production series for the realization of a single piece, always ensuring the best result. The external mounting is a modern and profitable reality. The advantages of external mounting, for those who use this service usually result in production flexibility, cost advantages and greater competitiveness on the finished product. We can handle small, medium or large assembly, handling orders of small mechanical units. Each contract is developed according to customer specifications and in accordance with the planned trade agreements.

Servizi di Logistica
To provide a complete service to 360 ° Olma Srl collaborates and Convention of the major national and international freight forwarders, able to serve all the Italian and foreign territory. We pay a lot of attention and care in the finished product to prevent during handling can dent or stigmatize. fine mesh plastic nets, bubble wrap, packaging and manual one / one, are just some of the logistical arrangements that, in accordance with our customers, we propose to avoid scratches or damage. Depending on the distance on the territory goods may ultimately be run directly from our facility as equipped with suitable means to transport free of carriage.
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