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With thirty years experience in the engineering industry, we have achieved the best fit to meet the production needs of our customers quickly. During these years we have gained experience and professionalism such that they can now count among our customers leading companies in the domestic and international scene. In particular, in recent years we have invested heavily in the purchase of CNC machines thanks to which we are able to offer products or high quality work at very competitive prices. We are specialized in the construction of mechanical parts  for third parties, both in series and in limited quantities, from supply of material until any heat treatment and / or shallow, to the assembly. In the course of our business we have differentiated our commitment in various fields: from automotive to components, from ground handling and oenology to boating, from medical to petrochemical, from packaging to food machining. We propose as a "problem solver" full cycle, in view of this goal we offer:
processing of specific customer design;
just in time deliveries;
deliveries f / co your warehouse;
logistics, we manage your stock;
testing and certification;

Which areas we work for
Sede operativa:
Olma S.r.l.
Via Brandizzo, 500
10088 Volpiano (TO)
Sede legale:
Olma S.r.l.
Via Duchessa Jolanda, 10
10138 Torino (TO)
Tel.   011-9884093
Fax.  011-9881052
P.I. 07675330018

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